7 Reasons Why 3D-Printed Clothing is Your Wardrobe’s Dream Come True

7 Reasons Why 3D-Printed Clothing is Your Wardrobe’s Dream Come True

Fashion seasons come and go, but what you wear today has a lasting impact on the world at large.
When you survey your closet, you may see — at face value — a collection of fabrics, styles, personalities, looks, feels. Alternatively, you may not see much of anything at all. What else could there possibly be hiding beneath the surface? 
The answer: a lot.
You see, the global apparel and footwear industry is responsible for 8% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, releasing four metric gigatonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. This is primarily a factor of three phases in the clothing manufacturing process: dyeing and finishing, yarn preparation, and fibre production.
Add to this issues surrounding working conditions, wages and child labor, and the lens in which you view “just clothes” continues to shift. For starters, consider that over 50% of fashion industry workers aren’t even paid minimum wage.
With this working knowledge, it’s easy to make the case for what you wear as more than just fabric — as more than just a fashion statement. What you wear is a reflection of what you stand for. And as a conscious consumer, you are an active participant in the creation of a better, more ethical world.
As a company, we truly believe that 3D printing has the power to revolutionize the fashion industry and its impact on society as we know it. 
While 3D-printed clothing is still a relatively new concept in the public’s eye, it is already very much a reality in both design and production. In fact, Julia Daviy’s New Age Clothing Lab is the premier studio where wearable 3D-printed clothing is produced and made available for sale to the masses.
If you’ve yet to consider 3D-printed clothing as an option for everyday wear, there’s no time like the present. 
Here are seven reasons why the 3D printing of clothing is your wardrobe’s dream come true:

Blue 3D-Printed Suit From The Liberation Collection

3D-Printed Suit from The Liberation Collection 2018

1. You’re Tech Savvy

You always have the newest smartphone in hand. You shop at Amazon’s checkout-free stores. You drive a Tesla (or at least dream about it).


If you think of yourself as a connoisseur of all things tech, then the 3D-printed styles — like the customizable, A-line skirt from Julia Daviy — was literally made for you. Using CAD-type software, 3D printers, and flexible materials, these made-to-order pieces are technological works of art.

2. You Stand By Conscious Brands

In the world of information that we live in, there’s little room for hidden agendas and foul play. Brands should be held accountable to the treatment of their workers, as well as transparency to their customers in the creation of their products from beginning to end.


3D-printing brings these issues front and center. Our methods at Julia Daviy revolve around an industry that is both cruely-free and slavery-free by nature.

3. You Believe in a Future Build Around Sustainability

The impact of fast fashion is one that has led to an increase in the levels of waste produced by the industry every year. The 3D printing of clothing makes it possible for us to imagine a world in which we don’t have to rely on massive amounts of water, toxic chemicals, or waste for the sake of style. From vision to reality, our 3D printed clothing is made from organic materials that are 100% recyclable and sustainable.

4. You’re an Advocate for Animal-Free Fashion

85% of the fur industry’s skins in the world of fashion come from animals held captive on fur factory farms. And this is just one sector of a very large manufacturing machine. If you’re vegan or a strong advocate for animal-free fashion, 3D printing is an animal-free alternative worth exploring.


Fresh Breeze of 3D-Printed Clothing and Accessories

5. You’re Bored with the Status Quo

Fast fashion doesn’t necessarily mean quality fashion. For those who are frustrated with what’s available on the market today, it’s time to invest in 3D-printed styles that are both classic and innovative in design — and durable in wear.

6. You’re a Trendsetter

Fashion is how you express yourself; it’s how you stand out in a crowd. With 3D printed clothing, you’re fashion-forward in both appearance and ethics.

7. You’re Fascinated by the 3D Printing Process

Maybe, above all else, you simply love the idea of 3D printing as a process. From the digital creation of designs to assembly, wear, recycle and repeat, there’s nothing more innovative found across the industry at this moment. 


Well, aside from 4D printing.

Final Thoughts: Why 3D-Printed Clothing is Your Wardrobe’s Dream Come True

Whatever your reason may be, the fact remains that 3D printed clothing is a consideration worth making. You owe it to your wardrobe, the environment, economy, and yourself to push for a new normal — one that imagines a better, more fashionably ethical world for generations to come.

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