A lot of things change, becomes better and more convenient with technological advancements finding a firm place in applications used day to day. With so many technological innovations pervading every industry and sector, how could fashion industry be left far behind.

Today, the way we look at, explore, browse and buy fashion has undergone a remarkable change in this modern, digital age. Technology like 3D printing has changed the way fashion is seen and purchased by consumers. Now, there is a firm integration of fashion and technology with the latter started to shape the former for the better.

Fashion Industry Growing by Leaps and Bounds

It can easily be considered as the golden time for the fashion industry where its future is shaping in the way like never before.We are living in an age where we are lucky to have witnessed the Third Industrial Revolution that has manifested itself in the form of additive manufacturing. 3D Printing in Fashion Industry is no longer a dream now, but a reality that has helped many designers and creative artists to unleash their creativity and produce one-off, customization production. With this, the time has come to move away from mass production to the reality of customized solutions.



Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing or 3D printing is a term that speaks volumes about tool-less manufacturing methods which has made it possible to manufacture 3D model data components. It is usually layer upon layer which is a far cry from conventional methodologies used in manufacturing. It is also referred to as rapid prototyping. With growing scope of this technology, 3D Clothes Designer has started experimenting with designing clothes and apparels. It was around 2010 that designers started experimenting with the technology creating new fashion and art styles.

Using large format 3D printers, designers came up with women’s fashion line using 3D technology and showcased their creativity in much-talked about fashion shows. It is worth mentioning here that the quality of clothing turned out to be excellent and both the functionality and aesthetic aspects of clothing was kept high. The success of the women’s fashion line has excited many other fashion designers to play with this technology and use it to show their creativity.

Many designers are coming up even with highly complicated designs which is very difficult to manufacture using erstwhile manufacturing techniques. This success has inevitably fueled the imagination of designers who are innovating and creating new apparels with utmost zeal and passion. The 3D printing technology has paved way for innovation in technique. In just a few minutes, material and technique can create clothes. It is a sea change from traditional manufacturing process which limited creativity and innovation to a significant extent.

3d Printed Clothing is a renowned apparel designing company that has been working in clean technology innovations and has worked hard to minimize waste and reduce environmental footprints to a significant extent. The company entered into the world of fashion in the year 2009 and since then a lot of creative and innovative fashion wear has been launched into the market.