3D Design
I create a 3D-printable design of a piece of clothing with a help of CAD-type software 
3D Printing
I 3D-print the file according to the methodology created by me using our industrial-type large-scale 3D-printers
Postprocessing & Assembling
I do post-processing and final assembling. Despite we, in Julia  Design Lab, improved the technology of 3D printing of flexible clothes, and minimized the handwork, creating of each piece of clothing still takes a lot of time. I am sure, we will decrease the time of 3d printing soon. But even now 3D-printed clothes worth its existence   – it gives an absolutely new experience of cruelty-free, slavery-free, and sustainable fashion experience. IT GIVES BELIEF THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS CREATED BY THE 2ND (STILL CURRENT) AGE OF THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY. 

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