Turning Innovation Into Legacy

In 2020, Julia Daviy debuted a luxury brand of bags which will earn their place in the hearts of the fashion community forever.

A fusion of artistic expression, digital design, and innovative science, inventor, environmentalist and designer Julia Daviy forges her aesthetic-driven DNA into all her bags and accessories; holding them to the highest ethical and environmental standards-while standing as true efficacies of exquisite taste.

In 2018, Julia Daviy presented the first ever collection of flexible and wearable clothes created digitally and printed out entirely on large-format industrial 3D printers; christening the concept of additive manufacturing—with a zero-waste production cycle and pioneering the practical use of 3D printing for achieving sustainability in the fashion products manufacturing.


In the Spring of 2019, Julia Daviy launched the first digitally created and fully customizable 3D-printed skirts—named ‘must- haves’ by British Vogue. Later that year, Julia Daviy developed ‘soft geometry’ and multi-color 3D printing of flexible materials; yielding 4D and 3D printed suites. The examples of clothes representing these two techniques are a part of the exhibition ‘Feminist Futurist’ at The Boston Center for the Arts.


Vision And Manifesto


Because we believe that complexity in fashion is as important as diversity in nature


Design that benefits your look and space

Clean, Carbon Neutral and Waste-Free

Revolutionary design and additive manufacturing process and constant innovation

Cruelty-free and

Always cruelty-free to bring you timeless design pieces that will not compromise your inner sense of ethics and beauty


Never limit ourselves by current understanding of trends, materials and processes. It’s still a lot to explore and implement to leverage our understanding of aesthetics

Fresh, Imperfect,

As in nature, perfection is always imperfect, additive manufacturing results never the same, and digital fabrication enables constant change

3D Printers | 3D printed Cloth | Julia Daviy - New Clean Innovative Luxury

The Chief - Designer and Founder

Inventor, designer, environmentalist and 3D printing pioneer Julia Daviy thrives at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability. She is the driving force behind fashion’s first wearable clothing line created completely by large-format 3D printers, the first digitally fully customazable 3D-printed skirt available in the market, 4D-printed clothes, the bag collection created with the use of the latest achievements of additive manufacturing and other projects, including the worlds largest flag ever created on 3D-printers.


Evolution should never stop. And in the clothing and accessories making in particular.

I believe in environment-centered design approach and technology as the most important tool today to make radical changes and to direct the power of the clothing industry for making Good for the environment, humans, and other conscious living beings.

With over a decade working in clean technology innovations, Julia has always been keen to reduce waste and environmental footprints across the sector.

With her work in 3D printing of clothing, gone one are the days of rigid, impossible to wear pieces, or small 3D printers creating extra handwork and wasted materials. In The New Age Lab, clothes are created digitally and 3D-printed using flexible materials and large-format 3D printers.

Julia considers that the fashion industry (as any other) needs not just “organic materials,” but even more, it needs organic zero-impact processes. She pays attention to the adoption of 3D printing for the fashion industry to implement it with a new 3D printing design approach and use the technology for sustainability, not against it. “Technology is not deterministic; people are,” believes Julia.

Awards & Records

2020 Gold Winner of the Edison Awards in the category Consumer Goods, Sustainable Apparel.
2020 Guinness World Record Holder (The Largest 3D-Printed Flag And The First 3D-Printed Flag That Can Wave In The Wind)
2020 Glossy Awards Finalist
2019 Winner of ELUXE AWARDS

Lecture, Panels & Exhibitions


The Boston Center for the Arts, Feminist Futurist Exhibition, February 8 - April 5, Boston.
New York Fashion Week Flying Solo Show.


Big Ideas in 3D Printing, Conference, Los Angeles; Invited speaker.
Future of Clothing. Lecture and 3D Printed Fashion Show at DesignLab Miami.
CAAAREM Congress, Mexico; Invited speaker. Lecture “How 3D Printing Will Change The Supply Chains In Fashion”.
Panelist at Fashion Talk Miami; Topic: Sustainability in Fashion.
FashInnovation NYC, speaker.
The Future of Fashion Conference, NYC, panelist.
The Architects of Change platform by Academy of Our Lady in Peace, San Diego; Guest Speaker. Presentation and 3D Printed Fashion Show.
ArtCentre, Pasadena, Lecture on 3D printing for fashion design.

3D-printed jacket 2019

Digitally customizable 3D-printed skirt 2019


Fields of Daviy’s research are 3D printing, 4D printing, digital manufacturing and supply, positive/beneficial product development, sustainable product development.


The New Age Lab co-founded by Julia Daviy became a place of continuous research in the field of using new technologies for the fashion industry and design development. 
Fields of Daviy’s interests are 3D printing, 4D printing, digital manufacturing and supply, positive/beneficial product development. 


Julia Daviy and New Age Lab created the largest 3D-printed flag with 3D printers and established the Guinness World Record 2020.
Not only it is the largest flag ever 3D-printed, it is also the first completely digitally-manufactured flexible flag.

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