Turning Innovation Into Legacy

Five years ago, Julia Daviy, innovator, cleantech entrepreneur and environmentalist known for designing the ecosystem for renewable energy and water tech development in the emerging European markets, decided to unite the power of digital technology, additive manufacturing, and the green circular economy approach to creating a New Age of the fashion industry, famous as one of the world’s most polluting industries.

The results of New Age Lab, co-founded by her, include establishing a new direction of sustainable 3D-printed fashion, creating the first sustainable wearable 3D-printed clothes, the first marketed deeply sustainable digitally-made art bags, and the deeply sustainable digitally-made 3D-printed jewelry line.

In 2018, Julia Daviy presented the first-ever sustainable 3D-printed clothing collection of flexible and wearable clothes created digitally and printed out entirely on large-format industrial 3D printers. The Liberation Collection (2018) became revolutionary thanks to (1) the first-ever usage of large-format industrial 3D printing for creating the flexible pieces of clothing with almost zero waste, (2) using zero-waste approach 3D-printing method (3) christening the concept of additive manufacturing—with sustainability and pioneering the studies in the direction of sustainable fashion based on digital design and 3D printing, (4) exploring the potential of creation close circular cycle in the fashion industry based on 3D printing, (5) creation of the pieces of clothing looking similar to traditionally-made clothes. Thus, the 2018 Collection by Julia Daviy and her previous works in 2016-2017 at the intersection of sustainability, fashion, and 3D printing became the first cases of the practical use of 3D printing for achieving sustainability in fashion product manufacturing.​

In the Spring of 2019, Julia Daviy launched the first digitally created and deeply digitally customizable 3D-printed skirts. She develops further the method of zero-waste 3D printing and investigates opportunities for 3D-printed clothes. The other parts of her Organic Collection 2019 include a 3Dprinted jacket, 3D-printed t-shirt, and 3D-printed blouse. All of them combine the best available flexible materials, zero-waste 3D printing approach with the sustainable organic fabrics used as lining in all the items of the Organic Collection. The Organic digitally customizable 3D-printed skirt became the most known project. It was named ‘must-haves’ by British Vogue and allowed Julia daviy to get Gold in the Edison Awards 2020.

All R&D and production of 3D-printed clothes and the first 3D-printed bags and accessories have been made in the studio established by Julia and her partner Vitaliy Daviy and lately registered as New Age Lab.

New Age Lab re-engineered one of the largest available 3D printers and lately prepared its version of a 3D printer for 3D printing for clothing and textile to make the vision implementation possible.

Exploring the potential of programmed textile, in 2019, Julia Daviy and New Age Lab became responsible for the first 4D-Printed clothes. Lately exhibited in the Boston Centre for The Arts (February – June 2020).

Also, in New Age Lab, Julia Daviy created the first highly flexible multicolor 3D-printed fabrics and clothing, some of which were presented in Autumn 2019 and gave birth to a wave of exploration in this field.

In February 2020, at New York Fashion Week Flying Solo Show, Julia Daviy presented the Morphogenesis Collection. The bag collection was created using five different types of additive manufacturing technology and a wide range of materials. The most important result behind this collection is the research of digital manufacturing to explore the opportunities, including developing the process for deeply sustainable bags and accessories based on digital design and additive manufacturing. 

Also, New Age Lab estimated the potential to replace the traditional manufacturing processes and materials in the bag industry known for their unsustainable practices. The calculations of the New Age Lab showed that digitally designed and 3D-printed bags from the Morphogenesis Collection are responsible for 92% less CO2, 98% less waste, and 99% water usage in the production cycle than an average leather bag in the market. 

In Spring 2021, Julia Daviy launched the Deeply Sustainable Digitally-Made Jewelry made with the help of 3D Printing. For the first time, digital tech, 3D Printing, recycled precious metals and circular model were united in the Methanoa Collection. 


Vision And Manifesto

Digital 3D-Printable Art

Julia Daviy is an ideologist of simple complexity inspired by biomimicry. Julie believes in deep personalization as the next stage of the fashion & lifestyle product development.

Julia is an ideologist and pioneer of a digital 3D-printable wearable art.

Uniqueness & Smart Design

Using the most advanced tools of computational and generative design and biomimicry approach, Julia Daviy's designs manifest the shape freedom, which, combined with the advanced manufacturing methods allows us to bring previously "impossible" shapes and textures into the world.

Clean, Carbon Neutral and Waste-Free

Revolutionary design and additive manufacturing process and constant innovation

Cruelty-free and

Our design and manufacturing practices as well as all R&D processes and art products are cruelty-free to bring you timeless design pieces that will not compromise your inner sense of ethics and beauty. Our transparent and traceble digital process allows to avoid all ethical problems associated with the traditional production and supply chains.


We are in constant exploration of new materials, methods, software and hardware. We believe in the lifestyle products with positive impact that serve the major UN Sustainability Goals.

Fresh, Imperfect,

As in nature, perfection is always imperfect, additive manufacturing results never the same, and digital fabrication enables constant change

Co-Founder of New Age Lab

Inventor, designer, environmentalist and sustainable digital 3D printed fashion pioneer Julia Daviy thrives at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability. Julia is a co-founder of New Age Lab and a founder of Julia Daviy Brand of Deeply Sustainable Digitally-Made Fashion & Lifestyle Products.

She is the driving force behind fashion’s first wearable clothing line created completely by large-format 3D printers, the first digitally deeply customazable 3D-printed skirt available in the market, 4D-printed clothes, the digital 3D-printed bag collection created with the use of the latest achievements of additive manufacturing, the world's first deeply sustainable digitally-made jewelry line based on a circular business model approach and other projects, including the world's largest and the first ever flexible fabric-like 3D-printed flag ever created on 3D-printers.


"Fashion & fashion Tech should be based on UN SDGs. Fashion Tech means for our team a Mission for Sustainability. Fashion Tech is not just technology or industry development or business. It is personal responsibility and life values in the whole value chain." [Julia Daviy]

Awards & Records

2020 Gold Winner of the Edison Awards in the category Consumer Goods, Sustainable Apparel.

2020 Guinness World Record Holder (The Largest 3D-Printed Flag And The First 3D-Printed Flag That Can Wave In The Wind).

2020 Fast Company Innovations by Design in North America Awards Finalist.

2020 Glossy Fashion Awards Finalist.

2019 Winner of ELUXE AWARDS as the Sustainable Fashion Brand.

Lectures, Panels & Exhibitions


Digital Fashion Online Summit, San Francisco, Keynote Speaker.

San Diego Community College, Guest Speaker.

Hult International Business School (London) fashion society. Guest Speaker.


The Boston Center for the Arts, Feminist Futurist Exhibition, February 8 - April 5, Boston.

New York Fashion Week Flying Solo Show.

The Future of Fashion Conference by Elucid Magazine. New York. Digitally. Guest Speaker. "The New Normal: 3D Modeling Software and Latest Textiles".

Bethesda Green. Establishing the Circular Economy. Fashion & the Circular Economy. Maryland. Speaker of the panel.


Big Ideas in 3D Printing, Conference, Los Angeles; Invited speaker.
Future of Clothing. Lecture and 3D Printed Fashion Show at DesignLab Miami.
CAAAREM Congress, Mexico; Invited speaker. Lecture “How 3D Printing Will Change The Supply Chains In Fashion”.
Panelist at Fashion Talk Miami; Topic: Sustainability in Fashion.
FashInnovation NYC, speaker.
The Future of Fashion Conference, NYC, panelist.
The Architects of Change platform by Academy of Our Lady in Peace, San Diego; Guest Speaker. Presentation and 3D Printed Fashion Show.
ArtCentre, Pasadena, Lecture on 3D printing for fashion design.

3D-printed jacket 2019

Digitally customizable 3D-printed skirt 2019


Fields of Daviy’s research are 3D printing, 4D printing, digital manufacturing and supply, positive/beneficial product development, sustainable product development, using biomimicry for inventing new design and production methods. 


The New Age Lab co-founded by Julia Daviy became a place of continuous research in the field of using new technologies for the fashion industry and design development. 
Fields of Daviy’s interests are 3D printing, 4D printing, digital manufacturing and supply, positive/beneficial product development. 


Julia Daviy and New Age Lab created the largest 3D-printed flag with 3D printers and established the Guinness World Record 2020.
Not only it is the largest flag ever 3D-printed, it is also the first completely digitally-manufactured flexible flag.

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