The Methanoa collection is a multi-dimensional reflection on how the computational organic will replace primitive shapes dictated by old-style manufacturing capabilities — consequently replacing wastefulness across various industries and business models. Consisting of seven pieces including a chain necklace, chain bracelet, statement ring, a men’s or unisex ring, Women’s earrings,
Every great idea has a long story. If we look precisely at the history of each significant invention, we can trace the steps belonging to the people that led its initial innovation.    Before the success of Tesla, history knew the failure of DeLorean Motor Company, of Nikola Tesla whose
Not since the 1918 Influenza Pandemic, which cost the lives of 50 million people worldwide, has the United States faced an unprecedented crisis of this magnitude as seen with the outbreak of COVID-19. According to recent data from Johns Hopkins University, over 722,000 confirmed cases and nearly 34,000 deaths attributed
The Edison Awards winners were announced on March 18, 2020. The Organic Skirt – The World’s First Digitally Customizable 3D Printed Skirt by Julia Daviy took the gold award in the CONSUMER GOODS category and Sustainable Apparel subcategory!    The Organic Skirt is the first available in the market skirt,
In 1952, shortly before his death, mathematician Alan Turing turned his attentions to an important question in theoretical biology: how does complexity arise from homogeneity? How, in other words, does a mass of nondifferentiated cells such as blastocytes or the cells found in a seed, produce the extraordinarily diverse range