Fashion seasons come and go, but what you wear today has a lasting impact on the world at large. When you survey your closet, you may see — at face value — a collection of fabrics, styles, personalities, looks, feels. Alternatively, you may not see much of anything at all.
How the 3D Printing of Clothing is Shifting Supply Chains in Fashion  3D printing is altering the perception of industry — shedding light on what materials could be and more importantly, how they could be produced. And truly, it has already begun to change the operational methods behind everything from
4D Printing: Building Smart Fashion of the Future Today  The technology of today is far different than that of 20, 10 — even 5 years ago. Self-driving cars are accelerating worldwide, smart home devices are increasingly commonplace, and economies are on their way towards becoming completely cashless. And these trends
First Zero-Waste Digitally Customized 3D Printed Skirt Commercially Available 3D printing is on the verge of going mainstream. Both in the public eye, where 3D printing is starting to figure in the plots of television shows, and in commercial applications. Investment in commercial 3D printing equipment has grown more than tenfold
Is SLA 3D Printing  Future of Fashion Industry? Designers, visionaries, and entrepreneurs are spearheading the movement that will result in some of the most innovative clothing and accessories to show up on runways (and eventually your home) in decades. Though there are still current limitations to how stereolithography (SLA) 3D printing