In 2018, I launched the world’s first-ever fully 3D printed women’s fashion line created on large-format 3D printers and presented it during the last New York Fashion Week. Throughout that week and in the time since, one question I’ve been asked more times than I can count is simply, “why?”
  Julia Daviy finished her work of creating the parametric Black Ocean Dress.   This is a unique piece of art, made with biodegradable flexible filament and 3D-printed manually. She spent 80 hours to complete this dress. As you may see, the dress is 3-dimensional, the elements of bra zone
Hello and thank you for your interest to Julia Daviy’s 3D Printed Fashion.   Idea of eco-friendly lifestyle and its exploration, attempts to live a life not harmful and painful to other earthlings and to the Earth was the reason and beginning of my way to studying Design Thinking and