AI in Fashion Poised to Change Industry’s Future Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly permeating many aspects of our lives, from Alexa to Netflix. Though still in its infancy — the robots are not taking over yet — AI is revolutionizing nearly all industries, including fashion. AI in fashion is
The days of 3D printing being a hyped-up novelty are gone. The technology has moved past the innovation stage and is well into the early adoption phase as more and more people seek out information and dip their toes into the industry. But while 3D printing as a whole is
In 2018, I launched the world’s first-ever fully 3D printed women’s fashion line created on large-format 3D printers and presented it during the last New York Fashion Week. Throughout that week and in the time since, one question I’ve been asked more times than I can count is simply, “why?”
  Julia Daviy finished her work of creating the parametric Black Ocean Dress.   This is a unique piece of art, made with biodegradable flexible filament and 3D-printed manually. She spent 80 hours to complete this dress. As you may see, the dress is 3-dimensional, the elements of bra zone
Hello and thank you for your interest to Julia Daviy’s 3D Printed Fashion.   Idea of eco-friendly lifestyle and its exploration, attempts to live a life not harmful and painful to other earthlings and to the Earth was the reason and beginning of my way to studying Design Thinking and