Meet the Parametric Black Ocean Dress Created Entirely by 3D Pen and With Manual 3D Printing Approach


Julia Daviy finished her work of creating the parametric Black Ocean Dress.


This is a unique piece of art, made with biodegradable flexible filament and 3D-printed manually.

She spent 80 hours to complete this dress.

As you may see, the dress is 3-dimensional, the elements of bra zone textile remind shoal of jellyfishes and relief of the dress is similar to a sea star body architecture.

The idea of this dress is to attract attention to the problem facing the Oceans, such as overfishing, the killing of sharks and other sea predators, dying coral reefs and massive pollution.

Photo: Vita Zamchevska




Welcome to Julia Daviy’s 3D Printed Fashion & World where Clothing is Created on 3D Printers

Welcome to Julia Daviy’s 3D Printed Fashion & World where Clothing is Created on 3D Printers

Hello and thank you for your interest to Julia Daviy’s 3D Printed Fashion.


Idea of eco-friendly lifestyle and its exploration, attempts to live a life not harmful and painful to other earthlings and to the Earth was the reason and beginning of my way to studying Design Thinking and different technologies. When I became more familiar with 3D printing I realized what a huge transformational power it has.

Today, I believe that 3D printing is the most sustainable way to revolutionize the development of the most industries, moreover, it is sustainable by itself.

The more I studied, the more understanding of how the combination of the methods of Design Thinking and 3D Printing (and 3D design) may give much better solutions to people, startups and every organization.

And, I became obsessed with an idea to turn us, the society of consumers to the society of creators. That is how all this started.

My biggest challenge is to create clothes differently to find the better way to transform fashion from the industry that exploits the planet, people and animals into the industry that helps to unleash the creativity of everyone and empower people to behave responsibly towards the Earth and earthlings.