Methanoa Circular Jewelry Line is Changing the Face of Modern Consumerism Using 3D Printing, Infinitely Recycling & Deep Sustainability Approach

The Methanoa collection is a multi-dimensional reflection on how the computational organic will replace primitive shapes dictated by old-style manufacturing capabilities — consequently replacing wastefulness across various industries and business models. Consisting of seven pieces including a chain necklace, chain bracelet, statement ring, a men’s or unisex ring, Women’s earrings, and a pendant; the Methanoa merges organic and artificial (geometrical) patterns into a circular design rooted in innovation. 


The basis of the collection is founded in the Voronoi Pattern, which has gained rapid popularity among the computational design and additive manufacturing (3D printing) industries. Despite its simple and sleek design, this revolutionary approach to creating circular jewelry is incredibly complex and is difficult to manufacture using traditional manufacturing techniques.


The Voronoi pattern, made by the Ukrainian mathematician Georgiy Voroniy, is something that unites us with everything natural — earth, space, and time. The most popular pattern in 3D printing, the Voronoi pattern is commonly found in topography, throughout cell and tissue structures within animals, plants, and mushrooms, and is regularly used in calculating space distance.


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