Inspired by Alan Turing’s work on theory and mathematical description of morphogenesis process—which develops an organism’s shape—Julia Daviy catalyzed the product design between science and nature. The Morphogenesis bags are created as a result of synthesizing digital fabrication and additive manufacturing technologies, which empowers the creation of a physical bag from a digital one in any size.


Aesthetically, the collection imbues motifs of lines to manifest complex structures and rich design created from simplest geometrical shapes—representing an inherent connection between us as humans and all species of the earth, the organic with non-organic, visible with invisible, known and unknown.
Utilizing the most advanced additive manufacturing (3D printing) processes, such as Multi Jet Fusion, CLIP/DLP, SLA, SLS and metal 3D printing, Julia Daviy’s designs are elegant in execution and their ultimate, unveiled aesthetic beauty.




 The production process reduces the luxury bags’ carbon footprint by more than 92%, and radically decreases the water use, pollution, and waste compared with traditional leather bags product lifecycle. The entire process is traceable and transparent. 

The Morphogenesis bag collection presented on February 8 at New York Fashion Week’s Flying Solo Shows complementing streetwear and haute couture looks.