and cruelty-free policy



Using the Advanced Technologies to Create a New Age of Clothing Production

Our principal position – is to use the advanced technologies for Good. We believe that 3D printing and other technologies should be used to make a shift to doing business ethically and responsibly towards environment, humans and other living beings.



No harm towards animals

We believe that skin, fur or any other part of a body of a conscious living being should not be considered as a material for clothing or accessory making.



Organic Process, not Organic Fabrics

We stand for developing of an “organic” circular process that permits to achieve the material and clothes again and again with guaranteed level of waste close to zero.


Positive Impact

We believe that to be “sustainable” or even “zero-waste” are far from enough. The clothing representing the New Age should create a positive social and environmental impact.

With our projects, creating the world’s first wearable 3D-printed clothes according to our patented method of 3D printing and mixing it with the best eco-friendly and cruelty-free fabrics for lining and final trimming, we are happy to contribute to creation of this New Age of Clothing.