3D-Pprinted  Fashion =Sustainable Fashion 


Zero Waste

Thanks to the creation of each piece of clothing in digital 3D-printable form, and utilization of FDM 3D printing technology, zero waste in clothing production is achievable. 

Also, take into consideration, that the physical logistics of clothing is significantly decreased – instead of that we use electronic one or simply sending and sharing files via cloud services. 



What makes 3D printed clothing sustainable  

3D printing of clothing according to the method of Julia Daviy is a sustainable and innovative way of the clothing production. 

Just imagine the best way of being dressed when you live in the circumstances of growing shortage of natural resources ( and water, so much used in all traditional clothing production cycles, in particular)…

Thinking about those young girls in Asia sewing cheap mass market clothes day and night? 

3D printing gives them a hope for a better life. It empowers  everyone to create smart and to serve local and global communities, providing high level custom clothes.

Just imagine the clothing industry working for greater good…


No need in the transitional stage – fabric production 

Fabric and patterns become digital and 3D-printable

No need in extremely polluting, cancerogenic and water-intensive animal-sourced leather.

3D-printing permits to achieve nice textures and 3D shaped patterns that far exceed any possibility of work with leather.

Recyclable, biodegradable …

with the possibility to incorporate any kind of wearables.


+Transforming aesthetic perception

+Creativity booster

What kind of clothing would you create realizing that now “anything is possible” is not just a mantra ?

+ Giving freedom from spending all your life in the clothing manufacture 

+ Smart production



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