Julia Daviy is an innovator, inventor, designer, and cleantech entrepreneur. Together with her partners and team, she is pushing the boundaries of what's possible at the intersection of digital design, additive manufacturing, artificial intelligence, and blockchain on one side and a no-harm environmental and social approach on the other side, designing new opportunities for co-creation and sustainable consumption in the digital world for all.

Julia Daviy is an ideologist of beneficial environmental impact and tech for good - according to her vision, the result of a new industrial revolution should be building the ecosystems where customer products are the part of the solution that allows keeping the planet's well-being.

She is an award-winning designer and a worldwide recognized pioneer of sustainable 3D-printed fashion. During New York Fashion Week 2018, Julia Daviy introduced the first sustainable (zero-waste) clothing collection designed digitally using a portable solar energy plant and created in the large-format industrial 3D printers by New Age Lab (the prototype of 3D printing fashion & consumer product manufacture in the U.S.).
Her sustainable digitally customizable 3D-printable-on-demand skirts (launched in Spring 2019) were featured in Women's Wear Daily and named must-haves by Vogue U.K.

In February 2020 during NYFW, Julia Daviy presented the first collection of sustainable (digitally designed and made using a mix of additive technology) art bags. Julia Daviy's digitally-made bags were named by Fast Company among the best innovations in North America in 2020 and among the finalists of Glossy Fashion Awards 2020. In March 2021, Julia Daviy launched the first circular sustainable digital 3D-printed jewelry line.

Julia Daviy is a Gold winner of Edison Awards (for sustainable consumer tech), Winner of Eluxe Awards for Sustainable Fashion, and Holder of Guinness World Record in 3D printing.

From 2021, she has served as a co-founder & CEO of IMAGENERIA.


Julia Daviy works push the boundaries of tech for sustainability and using digital design and 3D printing for sustainability in fashion and consumer tech created waves globally. 



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