where the wearable clothing is 3D-designed from idea to a ready item, transportable in a digital way and 3D-printed in just several parts

Meet the first-ever collection of wearable 3D-printed clothes created with the large-format 3D-printers by Julia Daviy


The 3D-designed and 3D-printed clothes, using the FDM and SLA technologies,
using the method of 3D printing of the wearable clothes developed by Julia Daviy


My name is Julia Daviy and I am a creator and

a designer of 3D printed clothing.

I believe that the 3D printing of clothing represents more

than a new innovation in fashion.

3D printing technologies will create an entirely

new age for the fashion industry.

The third age of fashion will once again

liberate the creativity of people.

My fascination with 3D printing began in early 2016.

At that time I was increasingly concerned with the ethical

and environmental impact of fashion on our world.

Issues of chemical pollution, energy consumption,

material waste and the exploitation of animals

are a huge problem for the fashion industry.

In 3D printing, I saw a solution to these problems.

3D-Printed Outfits

I have spent the last two and a half years in continuous study, research and experimentation with different 3D printing software, hardware, materials and approaches of implications of 3D printing in the product design cycle. Here are some of my designs that had been launched until I started to work on my Liberation Collection.

The Blue Skin Suit – a completely 3d-printed suit Photo: Olya Helga

The Parametric Pleated Dress, a bicolored 3d-printed dress Photo: Vita Zamchevska

The Black Dress – a bicolored 3d-printed dress Photo: Olya Helga

The 3D-Printed Lace Skirt and the 3D-printed bodysuit from The Liberation Collection Photo: Vita Zamchevska

September 2018. The 3D-printed collection of wearable clothing, Fashion Meets Technology Event, NYC

February 2018. The Parametric Black Ocean Dress

September 2017. 3D-Printed Top {manual 3D printing}

October 2017. The 3D-printed lace skirt and top decorated with 3D-printed lace

How do I make 3D-printed clothes?

1. I create a 3D-printable design of a piece of clothing with a help of CAD-type software 2. I 3D-print the file according to the methodology created by me using our industrial-type large-scale 3D-printers 3. I do post-processing and final assembling. Despite we, in Julia Daviy Design Lab, improved the technology of 3D printing of flexible clothes, and minimized the handwork, creating of each piece of clothing still takes a lot of time. I am sure, we will decrease the time of 3d printing soon. But even now 3D-printed clothes worth its existence   – it gives an absolutely new experience of cruelty-free, slavery-free, and sustainable fashion experience. IT GIVES BELIEF THAT WE WILL BE ABLE TO SOLVE ALL THE PROBLEMS CREATED BY THE 2ND (STILL CURRENT) AGE OF THE CLOTHING INDUSTRY.