Driving Changes

98% Less CO2 emissions, waste, 99% less water usage

New Age Lab

Where 3D printing, 4D printing, digital fabrication & computational design are the tools for the next level of sustainability in fashion

The Organic Skirt Project

A digitally created and deeply customizable in more than 1,000 variants 3D-printable skirt is the first project uniting different worlds – digital and physical, non-organic and organic, additive manufacturing, and traditional craftsmanship. 

This project is the Gold winner  of Edison Awards 2020.

Behind the stage

Designing a Sustainable Cruelty-Free Digital 3D-Printed Wearable Art Universe

For the last years, Julia Daviy is responsible for innovations making sustainable 3D-printable products possible. Not only a wide range of digital 3D-printable clothes, bags, and jewelry have been produced in New Age Lab, using the most sustainable materials and zero-waste circular approach. Digital 3D-printable fashion products are gaining more and more attraction worldwide and a new wave of R&D in this direction.

Liberation | 3D Printing in Fashion Industry | Sustainable Clothing USA

Created in 2018 and presented during NYFW 2018

9 digitally designed and 3D-printed looks were created with the hep of large-format 3D-printers and zero-waste approach. The sustainable 3D-printable fashion direction was born.