Driving Changes

98% Less CO2 emissions, waste, 99% less water usage

Sustainable Digital 3D Printed Revolution

In 2018, Julia Daviy Pioneered the Usage of Digital 3D Design and Additive Manufacturing for the Sustainability of Clothing, Bags, and Accessories. For the first time, 3D printing became a part of the net-zero environmental impact process in the fashion industry. Sustainable 3D Printing Process by Julia Daviy includes not just 3D printing process itself, but a complex approach including large-format 3D printers, creation of a piece at whole or in just several parts, usage of recycled and research of infinite recyclability as well as testing a new generation of biologically-made materials that had been not in the market yet. For the first time, Julia Daviy used solar energy for a 3D-printable design. Together with the partners, New Age Lab developed a mobile PV station that allowed the designer to create 3D-printable fashion files off-the-grid, in the mountains, and at the beach.

The Organic Skirt Project

A digitally created and deeply digitally customizable in more than 1,000 digital variants 3D-printable skirt is the first project uniting different worlds – digital and physical, non-organic and organic, additive manufacturing, and traditional craftsmanship. 

For 3D-printed part, Julia Daviy uses recycled and recyclable material (which has a high potential to be advanced to infinitely recyclable material) and the lining are certified organic cruelty-free fabrics.

The Sustainable 3D printing method allows to exclude the waste associated with the traditional 3D printing and have a close to net-zero process. 

This project is the Gold winner  of Edison Awards 2020.

Driving Changes Into Consumer Product Design, Manufacturing & Value Chain for Net-Zero Environmental & Social Impact

Julia Daviy’s work during 2018-2021 has included 4D printing of clothes, multicolor textile 3D printing of flexible materials, research of advanced additive manufacturing methods and the latest materials as well as of the environmental impact of a supply chain based on digital design, 3D printing and sustainable materials for the bag, accessory, jewelry and homeware production. In 2021, Julia Daviy tested the concept of the infinitely recyclable jewelry line, where any piece is not just made of recycled and infinitely recyclable precious metals but also can be remake in any other digital 3D -printable design on-demand in our facility in Los Angeles. 

Behind the stage

Designing a Sustainable Cruelty-Free Digital 3D-Printed Wearable Art Universe

For the last years, Julia Daviy is responsible for innovations making sustainable 3D-printable products possible. Not only a wide range of digital 3D-printable clothes, bags, and jewelry have been produced in New Age Lab, using the most sustainable materials and zero-waste circular approach. Digital 3D-printable fashion products are gaining more and more attraction worldwide and a new wave of R&D in this direction.

Liberation | 3D Printing in Fashion Industry | Sustainable Clothing USA

The first sustainable clothing collection consisted of flexible clothing designed digitally with the use of solar energy and 3D-printed using large-format machines in 2018. It was presented during NYFW 2018

9 digitally designed and 3D-printed looks were created with the hep of large-format 3D-printers and zero-waste approach. The sustainable 3D-printable fashion direction was born.