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Inventor, designer, and 3D printing pioneer Julia Daviy thrives at the crossroads of innovation and sustainability. She is the driving force behind fashion’s first wearable clothing line created completely by large-format 3D printers. Employing CAD-type 3D printing software, most commonly used by architects and product designers, she is one of the first fashion designers to digitally design, model, and print unique pieces of clothing on 3D printers.

Julia Daviy is a co-founder of The New Age Lab. She believes that strong, passionate women should never have to compromise on their inner beauty by choosing between fashion, sustainable production, and eco-friendly materials. Julia creates each garment digitally using innovative technology of 3D printing by zero-waste method in large-format printers in the USA.
Daviy’s New Age Lab is the first 3D-printed clothing manufacture model in the United States. Her first collection, The Liberation, was presented during NYFW 2018 and opened the door for wide-use of 3D printing in the clothing production.  It consisted of 8 pieces of clothing created on FDM 3D printers and one dress, created on SLA 3D printers. 
Julia Daviy is the winner of the 2019 Eluxe Awards as Best Luxury Fashion Brand that uses zero-waste 3D printing to create gorgeous garments with materials that are recyclable and biodegradable. Technology Headlines included Julia in TOP 10 Fastest Growing Fashion and Apparel Solution Providers to Watch in The Year 2019.
Julia Daviy’s digitally customisable 3D-printed skirts made the must-have list of Vogue UK Spring-Summer 2019 Issue.

From organic fabrics to organic production

Over the following years, she developed a method that does away with traditional fabrics, threads, cutting, and sewing. Julia’s one-of-a-kind process leverages cutting edge, large format 3D printers to create beautiful, flexible and environmentally-savvy clothing. Gone are the days of rigid, impossible to wear pieces, or small 3D printers creating extra hand work and wasted materials. Her re-engineered large format printers use extra soft filaments and are sure to herald in the third age of fashion: eco-friendly, cruelty-free, and sustainably-made, with almost zero production waste.

In addition to holding a Bachelor’s in Environmental Science and a Master’s in International Economics, Julia obtained her specialization in 3D Printing from the University of Illinois, and a specialization in Design Thinking from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. With this multifaceted educational background, she is uniquely equipped to understand the untapped potential of the high-tech fashion shift. Julia has stayed at the forefront of the industry with over two years of hands-on experimentation with 3D printing of fabrics. Additionally, shehas excelled in several 3D modelling for 3D printing courses, and studied at IDEO, a global design company that strives to create positive impact through design.  

With over a decade working in clean technology innovations, Julia has always been keen to reduce waste and environmental footprints across the sector. Her fascination with smart clothing began as early as 2009, and she launched a line of organic activewear in 2015. Despite her brand’s commitment to using sustainable materials she quickly realized that production itself was labour-intensive and environmentally irresponsible. She concluded that the solution to the fashion industry’s numerous problems was a drastic change to production methods.

Julia’s debut line, The Liberation Collection, was lauded as groundbreaking during the 2018 New York Fashion Week. Drawing on inspiration from the natural world, her work often mimics marine textures and patterns. From lacy coral reefs to multidimensional polka dots inspired by sea urchin exoskeletons, her functional  and fashionable contributions are poised to revolutionize the industry.

Julia is the co-founder of the Green Economy Institute in Eastern Europe, and serves as a proud board member of various clean technology organisations. With her deep knowledge of the clean technology field and drive to liberate women’s creative potential, Julia is committed to the future of people and the planet alike. 

Today, she relies on two different printing technologies– FDM and SLA–  and continues to develop her work using better materials. She’s made it her mission to expand her research in order to improve the industry’s approach to 3D printing & 4D printing of clothing. 


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